Born May 25th, 2008
2:59 pm
6 pounds 13 ounces
Length 19 3/4 inches

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy 4 Months!!

Today Kinley is 4 months old. She has come such a long way and we are so proud of her! Yesterday Kinley was in a really good mood and that worked out great for Kevin and I because we were both off. Kinley slept a lot during the day, but when she was not sleeping we were able to have some fun. Kinley enjoyed tummy time for a while, and yes, Kobi was right by Kinley's side. Kinley is also at the stage now where she wants to put everything in her mouth, mainly her hands. I decided that it would be fun to tease Kinley and act like I was going to put her hands in my mouth. Kinley's reaction was priceless! She actually tried to laugh. She doesn't quite have it down yet, but it was so cute to watch her. We went back and forth for a while and Kevin and I were cracking up. If only we had it on video. My explanation doesn't come close to describing how cute and funny it was. Hopefully next time.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Found some more pictures

When I was looking on my camera for the pictures of Kinley napping I came across a couple from a few days ago that I had forgot about.

Everyone together, well minus me because someone had to take the picture.

Kinley is quite the Guitar Hero player. She must have worn herself out rockin so hard.

Kinley is going through a stage where all she wants is to be held upright so she can look around. It is so fun to see her get so excited about the smallest things.

Kinley's first outing

We have taken Kinley on a few errands here and there, multiple times to doctor visits, and a couple of times we have brought her over to a friend's house, but yesterday was the first time we took Kinley for a real outing. We went downtown to the Plaza for the art festival. We had a good time and the weather was so nice. It was great to get out of the house and do something fun as a family. Since I had to work during the days this weekend, we went to the art festival in the evening. This meant that while we were out we had to start Kinley's tube feeding. This is not really a big deal. Kinley's tube feeding pump has a little backpack for traveling, so all that people really see is Kinley with her NG tube in, and a little white tube going from her NG to the little backpack. It was probably just my imagination, but I felt like so many people were staring at us. A couple of ladies even walked by, looked at Kinley, and then looked at each other and said "oh, that is so sad". I wanted to turn around and tell them that this was not sad at all!! Kinley is finally out of the hospital and we are getting to take her out and do something that "normal" people would be able to do with their kids. My sister said that people were probably staring because Kinley is so cute. I think I will just go with that. The only sad part to the whole outing was that we forgot the camera, so there are no pics to post. Sorry.

Soooo close

Kinley is starting to get the hang of rolling over on her own. She gets so close and then her arms kind of get in the way and she can't quite roll all the way over on to her stomach. I don't think it bothers her at all though, she seems to like laying on her side lately. Here are some pics I snapped of Kinley while she was napping in her crib.