Born May 25th, 2008
2:59 pm
6 pounds 13 ounces
Length 19 3/4 inches

Monday, December 22, 2008

Another Shot

Today Kinley had to get her second round of RSV shots. I hated bringing her out in the cold just to go get a shot, but knew it had to be done. Once again Kinley was a trooper and just cried for a moment during her shots. I feel like Kinley has had so many shots lately with her 6 month shots, first round of the flu and now her first and second round of RSV shots. In just a couple of weeks we have to go back for her flu booster and then in another couple of weeks it will be time for her third RSV shot. Hopefully with all these precautionary measures Kinley will stay healthy. Oh well, tis the season I guess.

The good thing about getting out of the house and to the doctor's office was that Kinley was weighed again. Kinley now weighs 16lbs and 4oz. That means that she is continuing to gain weight pretty well! This is especially great since we have still not used the NG tube in 17 days!!! (Of course we are counting.) Kinley is now taking about 720mls to 750mls a day from bottles. Her goal is still 840mls, which is why Kevin and I were so excited that she is still gaining weight at her current intake. Right now she is taking enough by bottle to maintain her hydration and from the looks of it still gain weight at an acceptable rate. Nicely done Kinley!!

Other than a few shots here and there, it looks like the next few weeks should be pretty low key. That should give us plenty of time to spend with friends and family for Kinley's first Christmas. We are really looking forward to that. Looking back at this year I can't believe all we have been through and to be at this point now is just amazing. Kinley continues to inspire Kevin and I and we hope to do the same for her. Merry Christmas!

What a Grinch!